Formed out of the ashes of Wild Strawberries and fuelled by a common love for vocal forward, synth driven music, GeL emerges from the lab with it's first self titled EP.


The three principals are no strangers to melodic pop music having honed their art on the stages and dance floors of North America and Europe. They are collectively responsible for a vast body of critically acclaimed work spanning numerous styles, sounds and genres.  Anchored by Ashwin Sood's rhythmic grooves and Ken Harrison’s infectious pop melodies and expansive filter sweeps, the haunting and instantly recognizable vocals of Roberta Carter Harrison have everything they need to come shining through.


Ken and Roberta have been busy of late raising their four kids in a converted country church in south western Ontario. With a recording studio built into the choir loft writing and recording music has remained a huge part of their lives. Touring turned out to be a bit more difficult though so when an opportunity arose to collaborate with a well known German DJ they decided to give it a whirl. ATB’s remix of their Canadian release “Wrong to Let You Go’ was renamed “Let U GO” and shot to #7 on Germany’s pop charts. A “Top of the Pops” performance was immediately booked but unfortunately Roberta was days away from giving birth to their second daughter so had to send her make-up artist as a stand-in. But that’s another story. More hit collaborations with ATB followed as did songs with other DJ’s from around the globe. Although Roberta was sometimes needed for TV appearances and live performances with the DJs, these collaborations allowed her and Ken to keep writing and recording while staying right where they most wanted to be: home with their kids.


After 20 plus years of non-stop touring with Sarah Mclachlan, Ashwin has been thrilled to be able to be off the road and co-parenting their two daughters.  He’s still a busy studio musician…..Recording drums, percussion, vocals and also production and songwriting for various album projects and touring in smaller doses.


These have been busy and fulfilling years but through it all the dream of GeL has lived on. When Ashwin toured Canada with the Wild Strawberries in the early ’90’s, he and Ken started making plans for a more electronic, synth-driven pop group for someday. And that someday has finally arrived. The kids are growing up and all three members of GeL are excited to get back on the road and perform live again. The ear-worm like qualities of this new batch of songs is completely of the moment yet reminiscent of the Wild Strawberries’ immediately identifiable brand of melodic and intelligent pop-rock.





Alternative, Electronic, Rock


Vancouver, BC
Toronto, ON


Ashwin Sood
Ken Harrison
Roberta Harrison

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